Agricultural, Rural and Environmental Development

The Department fully understands the particular problems and issues related to the modernisation and development of agriculture, rural infrastructure and poverty alleviation in rural areas. We developed a participatory approach to projects implementation. We know how to develop socio-economic opportunities for the village population; how to develop capacity building and participatory community decision making; how to develop effective and sustainable environmental rehabilitation and management of forestlands; how to make legislation. Its consultants have profound knowledge of crop production, livestock management, agribusinesses, marketing, rural finance and the development of farmers' initiatives, as well as the importance of environmental protection. We are experienced in planning, evaluation and management of community-based projects and programmes for the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity through the sustainable development of cash income-generating activities and micro-projects in agriculture, forestry, infrastructure (irrigation, roads, potable water and sanitation). Our experts have deep knowledge in the economic questions of natural resource management and environmental, including analyses the economic causes of natural resource and environmental degradation and designed economic incentives to slow, halt or reverse that degradation; identification, valuation and analyses the costs and benefits of project interventions. The Department works closely with a number of farms and farmers' associations.

Range of Services:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Protection and Management of National Parks
  • Ecotourism
  • Development of Environmental Action Plans
  • Development of Mountain Areas
  • Development of Rural Advisory Services
  • Support to Rural Initiatives and Microcredit
  • Development of Agricultural Marketing Strategies
  • Training of Rural Communities
  • Sustainable Livelihoods