GRANT - 9055 KGZ: Reducing the Vulnerability of the Poor to Natural Disasters. Project Impact Assessment

01.10.2008 - 29.11.2008


Overall project value (EUR)21 100 USD
No. of staff provided3
Name of ClientMinistry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic
Financing agencyAsian Development Bank (ADB)
Name of partnersN/A
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectAs Kyrgyzstan is highly susceptible to the risks of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, flowages and avalanches the Republic has received the Grant of the Asian Development Bank from the Government of Japan (JFPR) for the “Reducing Vulnerability of the Poor to Natural Disasters” project (RVPND). The aim of the RVPND project was to reduce poverty and strengthen the potential of the Emergency Ministry and local authorities. The project was implemented by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) established under the Ministry of Emergency of the Kyrgyz Republic. The actions on the RVPND project had been split into three components:
Component A – Improving planning and decision making regarding natural disasters
Component B – Capacity building for the Ministry of Emergency and local authorities
Component C – Pilot projects on reducing the risks of natural disasters at community level
Component D – Management, monitoring and audit
In the framework of the fourth Component D PIU has involved a national consulting company for conducting Project Impact Assessment (PIA).
Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided- Acquaintance with the RVPND project aims, terms of reference and the actions undertaken by the international consultant;
−Working out and conducting a basic research reflecting the impact and benefits of the project which were planned before the RVPND project implementation
−Fact finding activity, field research and comparative analysis of the current situation and basic one, and thereby the identification of the project actions impact in accordance with the RVPND aims;
−On the basis of project impact assessment conclusions developing recommendations regarding the possible actions of the Emergency Ministry, local authorities, communities and other stakeholders on further assistance for the RVPND;
− Maintaining permanent contact with the PIU;
− Submitting reports indicated in the ToR;
− Support in preparing the ADB project completion report;
− Submitting a final report on completion of works under the contract.