CAIConsulting is not only a network of local offices throughout the Central Asia Region but it is a team of highly motivated and committed professionals who provide consulting services to our valuable clients no matter wherever and whoever they are.

CAIConsulting always acts in the best interests of the country where we are working in. It is clear that what works in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another country (and cannot be “copy-pasted”) because each country has its specificity. That is why the overriding principal of CAIConsulting’s team is Think Global – Act Local. This means we always offer the best international and local specialists and proven quality services to our clients who are working or willing to work with in the Central Asia Region.

CAIConsulting also surrounds itself by a ring of high-quality experts in each sector and country and we aim to be a Centre of Competence, providing the Central Asian governments and private companies with the best of international and local practices and top experts to improve their operations, functions and services.

If you decided to work in the Central Asia Region and looking for a reliable partner so you are just in the right place.

Sincerely Yours,
CAIConsulting’s team