CAIConsulting - Central Asia International Consulting

Central Asia International Consulting is a leading Central Asian consultancy company, formerly MNT Consulting which opened its doors in 1998.
CAIConsulting is now embarking on a major expansion phase with developments across Central Asia, establishing regional office in Bishkek. All these offices are managed by enthusiastic, motivated, local managers who have an excellent understanding of their local business climate, governmental institutions, educational establishments, ecology, local and regional economy, and political environment.
Over the last 15 years our company has built up a strong track record of providing high quality consultancy services in countries with transitional economies, particularly in Central Asia. We specialise in public sector reforms, institutional development and capacity building to strengthen state organizations and bodies. CAIConsulting has an in depth knowledge and understanding of political and economic life in Central Asia. This enables our expertise to be highly constructive in the service of national governments. CAIConsulting enjoys a broad network of contacts across the region, and this greatly facilitates good project management. Projects can benefit greatly from the experience of reforms in neighbouring countries. CAIConsulting’s main technical activities and experience are:

CAIConsulting’s overriding principal is to always act in the best interests of the country where we are working. This means we always offer the best specialists and proven quality services to our clients. CAIConsulting aims to be a Centre of Excellence, providing Central Asian governments with the best of international and local practices and top experts to improve their operations, functions and services. Working collaboratively we are a major force in promoting and developing economic and social growth across Central Asia.