Khatlon Province Flood Management Project

01.11.2006 - 31.05.2007


Overall project value (EUR)500000 USD
No. of staff provided14 local experts
Name of ClientMinistry of Water Resources and Land Reclamation
Financing agencyAsian Development Bank (ADB)
Name of partnersMott MacDonald Limited
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectThe main outcome of the TA was an agreed design for the proposed project based on a comprehensive flood risk management approach embracing both structural and nonstructural measures. The specific outputs of the TA were: (i) assessment of immediate flood risks and identification of cost-effective flood protection works that could be immediately implemented; (ii) development of a long-term comprehensive flood risk management plan for the project area encompassing effective structural and nonstructural measures for flood preparedness and flood response strategies; and (iii) formulation of a comprehensive investment proposal for flood risk management project, covering an appropriate portion of the period addressed by the plan in (ii), consistent with ADB’s safeguard and sector policies.
Detailed Narrative Description of Services providedDuring the first stage, the TA were: (i) examine the extreme vulnerability of the project area as a result of the 2005 flood damage to existing flood protection facilities; and (ii) review and assess the existing level of protection, including the emergency work being carried out by the Government, against immediate flood risks, and identify appropriate and cost-effective risk management measures that could be implemented in the most expedient manner. During this stage, the TA also carried out a summary assessment of the issues, opportunities and constraints affecting flood management interventions at the national level and in the project area. During the second stage, the TA developed a long-term flood risk management plan for the project area and the national level, which (i) undertook a feasibility design of the physical works for the entire project area, (ii) promoted implementation of flood management strategies at the national level and in the project area, and (iii) prepared an investment project for financing consistent with ADB’s safeguard and thematic policies.