Technical Assistance (for Kyrgyz Academy of Education, Oblast-Level Teacher Training Institutes and Oblast-Level Methodological Centers) for Training of Primary Teachers and Deputy Directors

01.12.2015 - 31.12.2018


Overall project value (EUR)1 600 000 USD
No. of staff provided3 local experts
Name of ClientMinistry of Education and Science in the Kyrgyz Republic
Financing agencyWB World Bank
Name of partnersGOPA Worldwide Consultants Teach Ex
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The Ministry of Education and Science has adopted the 2020 Education Development Strategy and a Medium-term Action Plan for the period 2012-14. The Government’s Education Strategy lists as its main goals to pursue equal access to education; to update the content of educational and learning technologies; to improve education quality; to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource use; and to decentralize school management.

The International Development Association (World Bank) has allocated US $16,5mln to support sector specific priorities established by the Government, and it directly supports two action areas:  increasing accountability at the school level, and implementing curriculum reform in primary and secondary education. Support will be provided within the Sector Support to Education Reforms Project.

The Project objective is to create conditions for an improvement in the quality of basic education.  It plans to achieve enhanced learning through (i) the training of grades 1-4 teachers and pedagogical staff on the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the new curriculum; (ii) the provision of curriculum-aligned textbooks to grades 3-6, in addition to a package of essential pedagogical materials for all primary schools; (iii) technical assistance to support the revision of the subject standards and content for grades 5-9 to address major issues of curriculum imbalance and overload and to introduce competencies; and (iv) assessments of primary-level teaching-learning practices and learning achievements.

The Kyrgyz Academy of Education (KAE) will contract a Consulting Company (Company) to provide trainers to deliver the courses, and to manage delivery of the courses through the KAE-subordinate training institutions (in Bishkek and Chui) and the Oblast Teacher Training Institutes/Oblast Methodological Centers (OTTIs/OMCs). 10,000 primary school teachers and 1400 Deputy Directors will receive an in-service training course on the new primary curriculum, improved teaching-learning practices, and using the new textbooks.  Of these, the project aims to ensure that at least 90% successfully complete the course and receive the course certification.

Objective of the Assignment:

To assist the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) and KAE in organizing and delivery of training courses for 1) training of trainers; 2) training of grades 1-4 teachers and Deputy Directors on the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the new curriculum. The planned coverage is 10000 primary class teachers and 1400 Deputy Directors and Specialists of Raion/City Education Departments.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The project will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1, academic year 2015-2016
  • Phase 2, academic year 2016-2017
  • Phase 3, academic year 2017-2018

In each phase the following activities will be implemented:

  1. Conduct preparatory arrangements for ToT and trainings: develop training materials/handouts/teacher syllabus, translate and print them.
  2. Provide 5-days training of trainers (ToT) to deliver two courses: one course for teachers and one for the Deputy Directors course.

In each phase conduct the trainings  for 3300 teachers of grades 1-4, 500 Deputy Directors and Specialists of Raion/City Education Departments on the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the new curriculum