EuropeAid/125464/C/SER/KZ Support for the Development of the Policy Dialogue and Advice Program (PDAP) of the Republic of Kazakhstan

01.03.2008 - 31.12.2010


Overall project value (EUR)3 400 000 Euro, 4420000 USD
No. of staff provided1
Name of ClientThe Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Financing agencyEuropean Commission (EC)
Name of partnersDMI Associates (France); IBF International Consulting (Belgium); INCOM Consulting (International Consulting & Management) (Greece); Public Policy Research Center (PPRC) (Kazakhstan)
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectThe project was focused on supporting Kazakhstan efforts in fostering reforms and increasing competitiveness of the country and efficiency/effectiveness of the State, and on strengthening relationships between EU and Kazakhstan by means of exchange of expertise and enhanced policy dialogue process.
Detailed Narrative Description of Services providedExchange of information: access to relevant EU databases; participation of Kazakh experts in relevant seminars organised by EU institutions (i.e. in the framework of TAIEX Program); study tours in selected relevant EU institutions. Enhanced access to information and promotion of knowledge networks between EU and Kazakhstan.
This result was achieved through:
- providing access to relevant data bases and information on relevant practices in the EU;
- providing hands-on technical training, master classes and peer assistance to partners and stakeholders of Kazakhstan on selected priority areas;
- financing the participation of Kazakh experts in seminars organised by the European Commission in the framework of exchange and cooperation activities and programmes (ex.TAIEX);organising visits to selected EU institutions with a view to provide information on best practices;
- Initiating and facilitating the establishment of contacts, cooperation and ‘quasi-twinning’ initiatives among Kazakhstan State and private institutions and corresponding bodies in EU countries.