The pilot program No. 1 (Osh and Batken oblasts)

As part of the preparation and implementation of the mission, the project team and the representatives of the State Enterprise PC performed the following activities:
• Development and approval of Pilot No. 1;
• Development and coordination of the use of the Infocom network for the provision of financial products and services (online) in the communications offices;
• Monitoring of the installed set of electronic equipment under the "Taza-Koom" program and its connection to the Infocom network, and also testing of its use for providing electronic financial services (online) in the communication offices;
• Testing the provision of six financial services under the Pilot program No. 1;
• Organization and participation in training activities for existing / new products and services proposed by the Consultant and approved by the GP KP;
• Visiting the nodes and liaison offices for the implementation of project activities, as well as monitoring and monitoring;
• Control of the OS for compliance with the quality of the provision of agency services to the requirements of the project, the GP of the PC and the clientele;
• Development of proposals to improve the quality of customer service OS;
• Preparation and transfer of training instructions for the provision of financial products and services to trained personnel:
- Instructions for accepting payments of traffic rules and tax on movable property,
- Instruction Urgent translations,
- Information Address transfers,
- Instruction of the State Service
- Instruction of the State Service.

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