Private and Public Sectors Development

The working experience of the Department is evidenced in the programs of reforms, institutional development and capacity building of sound state organisations. The key strengths of expertise are ability, experience and knowledge of administrative reformation. The main activities defined are: development of small and medium size business, corporate governance, bankruptcy and enterprise restructuring, fiscal and pension reform. The practice of close relations with beneficiaries ensures success both in the preparation process as well as in the process of project implementation. In depth involvement of private and public sectors in institutional development is most important in the work of the experts of the department.

Range of Services:

  • Administrative reform and strengthening potential of state organisations
  • Institutional programs for strengthening potential of ministries and agencies
  • Development of recommendation for legislative and juridical reforms
  • Introduction of corporate governance practice
  • Optimisation of legislative policies and analysis of their influence to the economy, state budget and society
  • Development of policies of trade within the framework of WTO
  • Preparation and implementation of pension reform
  • Fiscal reform and institutional support of fiscal agencies
  • Programs for enterprises restructuring
  • Development of projects for integration into world society and entering international export markets
  • Development of effective strategies for small and medium-size businesses
  • Programs of regional and sectoral development of private sector