Infrastructure, Energy and Transport Development

The main area of the department’s activities is the development of the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors, which is a vital part of the economy of any country. The experience accumulated, technical knowledge of the department, knowledge of the territorial and climatic as well as the political situation of each country, plays a key role in the process of searching for the most effective structured economic planning and project implementation. The department has sustainable relations with various engineering, design and research institutes of the transitional and post- industrial countries. This enables the department’s consultants be extremely effective in their approach to solving the assigned tasks.

Range of Services:

  • Feasibility studies in the sectors of transport and energy
  • Institutional support and development of strategic policies
  • Development of programs and implementation of reforms
  • Technical assistance in the process of rehabilitation of the energy and transport sectors
  • Improvement and more effective use of roads and energy systems
  • Development of collection and accounting systems in the energy companies
  • Technical assistance in the process of rehabilitation and development of infrastructure (roads, airports, bridges etc.)
  • Establish and implement training programs