01.08.2020 - 31.08.2024


Overall project value (EUR)USD 1 300 000
No. of staff provided
Name of ClientAgency NSIFT
Financing agencyFUNDED BY WB
Name of partners
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The Central Asia South Asia Electricity Transmission and Trade Project (CASA1000) aims to facilitate electricity trade between Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan—summer surplus electricity resources from Central Asia will be supplied to meet demand in South Asia, generating revenues for Central Asia.  As the CASA1000 Transmission Line will not itself provide electricity to communities located nearby, to share in the benefits expected from CASA1000 and create a supportive environment for the project, Community Support Projects (CSPs) are being implemented in all four countries party to CASA1000, including Tajikistan, as a means to mitigate social risk and maximize the socioeconomic benefits of energy investments. The objective of the CSP in Tajikistan is to increase the quality of, and access to, energy, social and economic infrastructure services, and to contribute to the strengthening of local governance in communities in the project area.  The project will be implemented in all Jamoats with villages that lie within the Tajikistan CASA1000 Corridor of Impact (CoI). There are an estimated 60 villages in the CoI in Tajikistan, traversing 24 Jamoats and 14 districts: 2 in Sughd region, 8 in Khatlon region and 4 in the Region of Republican Subordination. In addition, the project will support target border areas in Isfara district in Sughd region, including Vorukh and Chorkuh jamoats near to the CASA1000 Transmission Line in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The objective of the TFP assignment is to carry out training/capacity building, facilitation support and ongoing coaching and mentoring for CSP community engagement, social accountability, local governance capacity building, and risk-sensitive community driven development (CDD) in Isfara border areas.