TA-9854 KGZ: Preparing the School Education Reform Sector Development Program

01.04.2020 - 30.07.2021


Overall project value (EUR)
No. of staff provided6
Name of ClientMinistry of Education KR
Financing agencyADB
Name of partnersNAREE International Limited Maxwell Stamp Ltd.
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

Building on school education reform progress in 2010–2017, Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) needs assistance to accelerate and sustainably deepen and expand reforms in key areas, i.e. teacher development, school curriculum, teaching materials and e-resources, school leadership, and sector management. ADB allocates $40 million loan and grant assistance for the School Education Reform Sector Development Program aimed to improve teaching and STEM learning in secondary and upper-secondary grades. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is critically important to strengthen and expand human capital to make it more responsive for labor market needs and build a knowledge society. STEM will be the core for initiating interdisciplinary links and teaching approaches, project-based learning, and innovations at schools and universities. The ADB financed program will comprise a policy-based program and an investment project.


The program will have three outputs:

  • improved quality and relevance of the curriculum,
  • improved quality of teaching and teacher training, and
  • strengthening of the Future Schools network.
Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The Consultant under the overall guidance of the ADB project team leader and designated MOES project director and in close coordination with the project implementation unit will prepare the TA Final Report which shall include drafts of the following:

  • School education sector assessmenе
  • Pedagogy education assessment
  • Financial analysis of the school education (focus on teacher salaries)
  • Financial management assessment
  • Procurement assessment
  • Gender assessment
  • Future Schools concept and selection/enrollment guidelines
  • Social and environmental safeguard assessment and frameworks
  • Summary Poverty Reduction and Social Strategy (SPRSS)
  • Procurement Plan
  • Project cost estimates and financial management