Kulob Solid Waste Project – Feasibility Study

01.07.2015 - 30.11.2015


Overall project value (EUR)280.000
No. of staff provided5
Name of ClientKulob-based subsidiary of SUE KhojajiiManziliyuKommunali (KMK)
Financing agencyEuropean Bank for Reconstruction (EBRD)
Name of partners3G Consulting Engineers s.r.o. / Mott MacDonald Ch
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The Bank has financed solid waste projects in Dushanbe, Khujand, Kurgan-Tyube and Tursun-Zade. The solid waste project in Dushanbe is nearing its physical completion. The Kurgan-Tyube and Tursun-Zade projects are in the implementation phase and the Bank is currently considering financing a USD 4 million solid waste project in Khorog. Seeking to address the urgent issue of poor sanitation in Tajikistan, the Bank is expanding its portfolio of solid waste projects in Tajikistan under a single solid waste framework. Kulob Solid Waste is part of this framework.

a.   Provide the new equipment (waste collection bins, trucks, etc.) needed to improve the operating efficiency and technical capacity of the landfill as well as the waste collection/transportation services.

b.   Fund civil works to rehabilitate the existing dumpsite or develop a new site .

c.   Prepare a closure and monitoring plan for the existing dumpsite.

d.   Introduce institutional and strategic changes in waste management aimed at boosting commercialization and achieving full cost recovery.

e.            Assess the feasibility of a landfill gas recovery system; if proven feasible and economically viable, the landfill renovation will include the necessary infrastructure in preparation for a second investment programme to utilise landfill gas for energy production.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The overall assignment can be categorised into the following five tasks:

1: Baseline study of the solid waste sector;

2: Project proposal;

3: Environmental and social appraisal;

4: Institutional reform proposal; and,

5: Financial and economic analysis.


Based on the topographical data, will prepare either:

(1)detailed design for rehabilitation and upgrading of existing dumpsites, including:

§  3D topographical model of the dumpsite;

§  Design of embankments protecting the dumpsites from the erosion by the river (if any) and insulating the waste;

§  Design (if feasible) of a draining system for the leachate collection;

§  Design (if feasible) of a network of biogas collection;

§  Cover of the dumpsites.

(2) detailed design for the new landfill/other waste management option in the proposed site

Estimate either: (1) the volume of waste to be removed and the associated costs of such a removal; or (2) costs for the construction of the landfill/another waste management option and for the equipment.