Kyrgyz Republic: Bishkek District Heating Network - Feasibility Study

11.01.2016 - 31.05.2016


Overall project value (EUR)69, 921. 00 EUR
No. of staff provided3
Name of ClientBishkekteploset
Financing agencyEBRD
Name of partnersBaker Tilly Bishkek, FCG International Ltd (Finland)
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The overall objective of the assignment was to undertake a Feasibility Study for rehabilitation/upgrade of the existing district heating distribution system in the City so that it can provide environmentally friendly, cost-efficient heat supply and to enable the Bank to appraise a bankable project for the prospective loan.


The heating market in Bishkek is formally a duopoly with the Company and Bishkekteploenergo (both state-owned) providing majority portion of the heat energy to the city. The Company’s share is 68% of the market (residential apartments) while the rest are covered by Bishkekteploenergo or use alternative ways of heating (gas, electricity and coal). The Company presently provides heating services to 107 500 subscribers in 2,350 residential and 1,100 non-residential buildings in Bishkek city. As of 31 December  2014, BTS employed 934 people. The heating network system, managed by the Company, represents a system of heating network lines which is over 400 km long and services 98,000 customers in 2,350 residential and 1,100 non-residential buildings. The Company currently owns 19 large pump stations.  


The proposed project aims at financing part of the investment programme of the Company which includes modernisation of pumping stations with replacement of the main-line pumps with variable frequency drive, installation of remote control as well as introduction of water and heat distribution monitoring and heat network mode control (SCADA system modernisation).


Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The tasks performed by the Consultant:

  • preparation of a Feasibility Study
  • assessment of the proposed priority investment components
  • definition and outline of the bankable investments
  • Environmental and Social Analysis according to the EBRD Environmental and Social Policy (2014) and PRs as well as an Environmental, Health and Safety Audit of existing district heating facilities
  • preparation of an affordability analysis of various consumer groups including the analysis of existing social support mechanism to ensure the sustainability and affordability of the investments
  • preparation of a financial analysis of the Company and financial projections
  • preparation of tariff calculations
  • preparation of Procurement and Implementation Strategy
  • outline of an institutional framework for provision of district heating services in the City
  • an efficient implementation strategy for the investments
  • preparation of the input data, descriptions/conclusions, diagrams, estimations and other materials