Vocational Training and Employment Promotion in the Kyrgyz Republic

01.08.2014 - 31.08.2016


Overall project value (EUR)1 300 000 EUR
No. of staff provided4
Name of ClientState Agency of vocational education under the Ministry of labor, migration and youth KR
Financing agencyGIZ
Name of partnersGOPA Consultants (Germany)
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The project aim is to provide an integrated approach to support the reform of vocational education, the improvement of the quality of vocational training and employment support for young people and adults of both sexes. This contributes will strength the economic and social conditions of the Kyrgyz private sector, create after-containing and broader impact of economic development. The module goal is - the quality of vocational training, the labor market services and the promotion of employment of young people is improved.

Subject of the project is to perform the task package accreditation / certification for vocational education and conducting trainings for teachers.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

Improving the quality of vocational education on the basis of closer cooperation and the recognition of the results of the accreditation and certification of all stakeholders, including: government agencies; business - community; civil society; professional training institutions; mass media. All stakeholders will join efforts in planning and improving the quality of the educational process.

Consultant is responsible for:

- Development of criteria for evaluating the quality of education;

- Procedures for accreditation of educational institutions and programs;

- Certification of graduates;

- Help on organization of practical training in the regions;

- Providing of specialists for the organization of theoretical and practical training;

- Providing experts for participation in the accreditation of vocational training institutions and certification of their graduates;

- Consulting, assistance in curriculum development and review with a focus on the development of economic sectors;

- Assistance in searching for  employment;

- Quality control of the educational process and its compliance with labor market needs;

- Further training of teaching staff.