TA № 7080-TAJ: Preparing the CAREC Transport Corridor III project (Dushanbe-Uzbekistan Border)

01.10.2008 - 31.07.2009


Overall project value (EUR)N/A
No. of staff provided7
Name of ClientAsian Development Bank
Financing agencyAsian Development Bank (ADB)
Name of partnersFraser Thomas Partners (New Zealand)
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The project contributed to an integrated and efficient road transport link by (i) rehabilitating 66km of the road connecting Dushnabe and Uzbeksitan border, and (ii) upgrading of cross border infrastructure and facilities at Bratsvo border post. This completed improvements to the remaining missing link of CAREC III corridor in Tajikistan. The TA further promoted conducting road sector and cross border operations with greater transparency and public scrutiny.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

Key activities of the selected transport corridors included:
(i) Undertaking field surveys;
(ii) Analyzing data and information collected from field;
(iii) Surveys to assess technical and economic viabilities of the selected corridors;
(iv) Assessing social, gender, and environmental impacts of the selected corridors;
(v) holding public consultations; and
(vi) preparing a prefeasibility study report on developing and improving the selected corridors. For each selected corridor, the prefeasibility study report will comprise engineering assessment, economic assessment, environmental assessment, social and poverty analysis, and analysis of cross-border issues.