\"The Outsourced Research and Administration Team\" Project

01.01.2000 - 31.12.2010


Overall project value (EUR)26637 USD per year
No. of staff provided7
Name of ClientIBF International Consulting
Financing agencyN/A
Name of partnersN/A
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectInternational consulting companies working in the field of development around the World need to carry out technical research and information gathering. This data determines whether this project is of interest and the quality, timing of this information, is often critical in this determination. Often this information can the determine success or failure of the project.
Detailed Narrative Description of Services providedTo support International-consulting companies, CAICo provides multilingual specialists (English, Spanish, French and Russian) in different areas to informational support.
The Internet is used extensively as a research and information gathering tool. Utilising a multimedia approach, information is collected via various means, such as personal contact, email and the Internet (online database sources and
The Outsourcing Team can assist throughout the whole Project Tendering procedure. The process initially requires the identification of suitable experts and local partner organisations, which may require sifting through hundreds of company profiles and CVs. The team is able to condense all this information into succinct summaries for its customers, thus saving hours of work. At the point of submitting a Letter of Interest (LOI), the Team can assist to the end of the Tendering process up to the point of implementation.