GOVERNANCE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CREDIT (GTAC) Credit No: KG-3757 Component: Organizing and Conducting the Training of Civil Servants

01.01.2007 - 27.07.2007


Overall project value (EUR)N/A
No. of staff provided3
Name of ClientCivil Service Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic
Financing agencyWorld Bank (WB)
Name of partnersARCADIS BMB
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectThe basic objectives of the requirements specifications were as follows:
1. Development of a Training Strategy for civil servants of the Kyrgyz Republic in line with the demands of a modern public administration and with the terms and conditions of the Civil Service Law and its implementation mechanisms;
2. Recommendations for a training delivery system for civil servants;
3. Preparation of a training and professionalization programs for civil servants.
Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided1. Study the existing training system for the civil servants in the Kyrgyz Republic.
2. Analyse capacities of training and educational institutions (in public and private sector) for the purpose of identifying available training resources.
3. Estimate the need for training and retraining of the civil servants at the institutional level and at the level of the public administration positions.
4. Development of a draft Training Strategy for the civil servants of the Kyrgyz Republic.
5. Preparation of an Action Plan for the implementation of the Training Strategy for civil servants.
6. Preparation of training programs and courses, in line with the agreed Training Strategy.
7. With the CSA, prepare training development plans for the core staff of the CSA, in preparation of the role of the Agency to implement the Training Strategy.
8. Carry out Training of Trainer courses out for selected civil servants and trainers in educational institutions to prepare them for their role in implementing the Training Strategy. The future trainers will be identified by the Civil Service Agency, who will coordinate their further activities.
9. Conduct training sessions and workshops for the employees of the Civil Service Agency on subjects as the organizing and conducting of training courses, and provide practical assistance to the Agency in implementation of this project. A short international study tour for the CSA specialists and State Secretaries.