Supporting SME in Tajikistan, Phase I and II

01.12.2006 - 30.12.2011


Overall project value (EUR)3,599,597.00 Euro, 4 678 000 USD
No. of staff provided5
Name of ClientNational Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME); National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT)
Financing agencyDeutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
Name of partnersAFC International Consultants (Germany)
Detailed Narrative Description of ProjectIn Tajikistan the institutional and political enterprise support structure is still underdeveloped. Instruments to support SME and to increase regional value added chains and ancillary networks are hardly known. However, SME need a supporting environment to be able to increase there economic performance and to be able to contribute to the regional economic development.
The offer of demand-oriented enterprise-related services has improved in two regions (Dushanbe, Sogd region).
The offer of demand-oriented enterprise-related services has improved in two regions (Dushanbe, Sogd region).
1. Improvement of the juridical and administrative basic conditions of the private sector.
2. Advice of selected associations in the improvement and expansion of their services.
3. Qualification measures in economic subjects, economic support concepts and other fields (quality assurance, HACCP, etc.).
4. Support of SME and start-up enterprises through model supporting measures
5. Creation of a network or a composite of economic supporting organisations (incl. microfinance institutions and banks).
Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided• Overall project management
• Elaboration of service and marketing concepts for Associations
• Member\'s and branch analysis for associations
• Advice in the elaboration of a support policy for SME and Start-ups
• Preparation and organisations of specific trainings
• Development of structures for the setup of an advisory service system
• Network development including microfinance institutions
• Identification, planning and conducting of model supporting measures