A series of on-site training sessions within the World Bank's project “Improving Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition”

On May 2019, hotel and agronomical companies participated in the World Bank's project “Improving Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition” and conducted a series of on-site training sessions in the villages of Arimzhan and Kagazdy, Jalal-Abad Oblast on “Agricultural Technology for Cultivating Cotton”. The trainings were organized for farmers-members of water users associations “Taimonku” located in Nooken district. 92 farmers, 22 of whom are women, participated in the training on agricultural cultivation of cotton for 4 days.


In the course of the theoretical part of the training, farmers receive information on the proper care of cotton, methods of using mineral and organic fertilizers, combating diseases and pests, as well as an integrated increase in the yield of cotton. The main goal of the training is to increase cotton yields in the area. Many farmers could not know about the effect of fertilizers, violated the norms of the contribution, were poorly informed about the diseases and pests of cotton, and knew almost nothing about biopreparations.


The results of the effectiveness evaluation showed that farmers highly appreciate the results of research in the field of cotton cultivation. In particular, training on water-saving technologies of cotton irrigation (irrigation on short furrows, presumptive irrigation, etc.) turned out to be very useful for farmers; the use of complex mineral and organic fertilizers; the use of humic fertilizers and foliar feeding; the use of herbicides and biological products to protect cotton; application of integrated plant protection (IPM).


On June-July, CAIConsulting has planned practical research for farmers who specialize in growing cotton, directly on polar farmers.

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